YagaYaji | Lease
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Yaga Yaji is the leading lease providers in and around East Godavari especially in Kakinada of any type of property of the users. Mr. Seshu Madhu having huge experience in the private and social lettings market will lease the properties from private landlords for a certain period under the contracts with local authorities. 

The major goal of Mr. Madhu is to provide all the hassle out of being a landlord by guaranteeing your  property is occupied and providing you confidence that your property is being managed by us. We assure that your property will be returned safely at the end of the lease.

We are proud of our reputation within the sector and are confident that you can trust us and manage your property. We are capable of acquiring, maintaining and managing properties in and around Kakinada. We offer a specialist lease management service with professionals dedicated to the management of your property and can be confident that your property is being managed during your lease period. 

Are you interested in leasing your property to us?