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Organic Foods

In Yaga Yaji, Mr. Seshu Madhu has been delivering the best organic food to the people who are willing to have such foods. We supply the best and widest range of organic foods available in the market and the mission is to promote health to the people. Since most food production becomes more industrialised, we want to bring back a sense of food that you can trust fully organic from us.  

Our simple honesty is that foods we should provide such organic food that is natural and wholesome. We promote the food that is trustworthy and ethical, freshly prepared and tasty – not just mere convenience. We consider ethical and sustainable farming and provenance place for the great emphasis on all our products. 

We know that people who are noticing what they eat want to make educated and responsible decisions. At Yaga Yaji you will find nutritious, seasonal and organic food with goodness intact. You will discover a wide variety of natural foods suitable for all speciality diets as well as groundbreaking raw foods range.

We hope that you find best, excitement and good health from the food that you eat, like us that to eat is to live better.


Yaga Yaji delivers leading brands to its customers especially for people who are in search of genuine ayurvedic products which has become a challenging one. Mr. Seshu Madhu the diligent at Yaga Yaji addresses all these challenges regarding ayurvedic products. Our mission is to make the ayurvedic products accessible to those in need with just a few taps. Mr. Madhu had changed the way the world buys ayurvedic products via the internet. 

Our goal is to make the buying of ayurvedic products as easy, convenient and economical as possible. We are revolutionizing the delivery of Ayurvedic products by focusing on customer care, satisfaction and convenience to our customers. We supply to retailers, wholesalers and distributors. We take great care, that all our ayurvedic products are natural and devoid of artificial preservatives and synthetics additives and make sure that no harmful chemicals are used in our products and all our products are based on plant technology.


Yaga Yaji is one of the largest treasure houses of the most elegant Uppada Sarees displaying every variety of the most beautiful handmade saree products from Uppada which exhibit traditional appeal and fondness of a modern woman’s appearance. We even offer designer wears and party wear textiles. 

We guarantee one of the best shopping experiences to bring you the quality of sarees that are best suited for almost every occasion.  We provide a plethora of options to choose for all types of events such as wedding sarees to party wear designer sarees. 

Mr. Seshu Madhu has a huge passion for handloom continues to stand as the best Online Uppada saree store which is dedicated to providing sarees that gracefully manifest the richness of Indian tradition that is balanced with contemporary style. 

We at Yaga Yaji are honoured and privileged to have unique patrons, and also we understand the pulse of our valued customers. That is why shopping at Yaga Yaji has become a family tradition often spanning generations.
Are you searching for elegant party wears, traditional designer wears and Uppada sarees, please contact us for your shopping.